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4 Reasons to Build Smart Green

12 Feb 2016 10:11 AM | Anonymous

One of the most common misconceptions that we deal with at Vereco is people believing that a “green home” comes with a long list of compromises, especially in regard to cost and aesthetics.  In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Since our conception, Vereco has set out to bring smart green homes to the masses through a combination of efficient technologies, thoughtful design and economic rational, all while keeping aesthetics in mind. We like to think we have achieved that, and here is our list of reasons why it doesn’t make sense to build anything but smart green:

Comfort & Safety: When you think of comfort in your home, many of the main factors are hard to put your finger on.  We like to think that a comfortable home is made up of the following components: air, light, sound, heat and safety. It just so happens that Vereco’s design philosophy lends itself favourably to each of these factors.  Passive solar design, which is at the center of our design mandate, centers on focusing building orientation toward the sun, allowing sunlight in as a major light and heat provider for the home.  Bright and warm?  Sounds comfortable to us.  Another major component to efficient design is insulation, and Vereco uses a double stud wall to allow for a higher R value.  Uninterested in insulation?  That is alright, because these larger walls also make for a quieter and more peaceful home. With low VOC paints, vehicle emissions protection along with smart locks, we also believe our homes offer unparalleled safety. Lastly, a high quality air ventilation system is key to make a Vereco home breathe properly, but this also means better and less polluted air for you. . Breathe deep, as you may be in the most comfortable home on the market.

Efficiency: At our core, we believe that building better has the potential to make a huge difference on our impact on the earth.  This is due the fact that homes are on of the biggest contributors to GHG emissions.  Through Passive Solar Design, additional insulation and modern green technologies, your Vereco home will use approximately 75% less energy than a traditional home. Pretty neat, but that isn’t all.  We take a critical look at our design process and aim to reduce waste by designing homes that can be built with less throw away compared to a traditional build. On top of this, we aim to source sustainable materials to complete what we think is an efficiency trifecta.  Less energy, less waste, less harm.

Cost Effectiveness: Wow. A more comfortable home that is better for the planet. This all seems too good to be true. The price tag must be through that R-80 roof. Wrong! While it is quite easy to get caught up chasing one of the various green building standards or going crazy with green technology, the goal at Vereco has always been to design homes that make rational economic sense. Though it all depends on your wants/needs, we believe that we can get you in a home at minimal additional cost to a comparable traditional home.  Once you look at the potential energy savings over the life of that home, that additional cost really becomes a non-factor. 

A Smart Investment: By this point, you are probably convinced that it really doesn’t make sense to consider building any other way.  One more point, as we believe building a Vereco home is an ingenious investment. Not only will the home pay for its minimal additional cost and end up putting cash back in your pocket, but in the long term it will be a more desirable piece of real estate. Recent studies are showing that green homes are beginning to be appraised at higher values in the United States, a trend that has been happening in Europe for some time.  We have no doubt that this will soon be reflected in our real estate market, because who wouldn’t want a more comfortable home that saves them money?

So there you have it.  Building smart green is not just about saving the environment, but also about saving you money, smart investing and living more comfortably in your home.  All that considered, why wouldn’t you build a Vereco home?


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