Frequently Asked Questions
What does Vereco Homes Inc do?
Vereco helps Canadians build smart green homes. Canadians are building smart green homes to live more safely and comfortably, to reduce energy consumption and to minimize their impact on the environment.
Why are Vereco homes safer and more comfortable to live in?
Vereco homes are designed specifically for our harsh Saskatchewan climate. They are cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Vereco homes are designed to improve indoor quality with more natural light, better ventilation, and less VOC’s.
How much energy is saved with a Vereco home?
Homes use energy in three areas: space heating and cooling, domestic hot water, and lights, appliances and mechanical. In our design, we use different technologies to reduce and reuse energy in each of those areas. Each home is unique, but we typically see reductions of 70 to 90% for space heating, 50-75% for domestic hot water and 50-60% for lights, appliances and mechanical.

Does Vereco design Net Zero homes?
Net zero homes are homes that produce as much energy as they use on an annual basis. All Vereco homes are net zero ready with significant reductions in energy consumption in all areas. To make a Vereco home net zero, we simply need to add alternative energy sources to offset the remaining energy requirements. In Saskatchewan, we are blessed with lots of sunshine, so solar thermal and solar electric are popular choices. For people living in the country, a wood stove is another popular source of alternative energy.
How much money will I save?
Again, each home is different. The most significant savings come from energy reduction but there are also savings from reduced water consumption. A typical Vereco home will reduce annual energy costs by $1600 per year if using natural gas and $3600 per year if natural gas is not available. SaskPower has increased their energy prices by an average of nearly 6.0% per year for the last 40 years. If that growth rate continues over the next 50 years, the accumulated savings for this typical home would be $440,000 for a home with natural gas and over $1,000,000 for a home without natural gas.

How is a Vereco home more sustainable?
Vereco homes are designed to be more sustainable in many ways:
reduce Green House Gases by energy reduction
reduced water consumption
designed to reduce waste during construction
more durable so will last longer
material efficient design and framing
build with sustainable materials:
Forest Stewardship Council lumber
metal roofing material
cork, bamboo and linoleum flooring
cellulose insulation
low VOC paints and finishes
What is Smart Green?

At Vereco, We define a green home is a safe and comfortable home built in a sustainable manner to minimize energy and water consumption. We define a smart green home as a home that optimizes your investment in green technologies. 

What are the technologies used by Vereco to reduce energy consumption ?
Vereco homes are designed to reduce, reuse and replace energy used by the home for space heating, domestic hot water, and lights, appliances and mechanical.

sample home

Space heating

Domestic Hot Water

Lights, Appliances and Mechanical









compact design

passive solar design

add attic insulation

add wall insulation

add foundation insulation

improve air tightness

upgrade windows and doors

install awnings and shutters

add thermal mass

high efficiency heating

eliminate air conditioner

install low flow faucets

install low flow shower heads

high efficiency hot water heater

insulate DHW heater

insulate DHW distribution

EnergyStar clothes washer

EnergyStar dish washer

Install LED lighting

upgrade to EnergyStar appliances

install phantom energy management system

install energy monitoring


install heat recovery ventilation

install drain water heat recovery

Smart Green





Savings %






solar thermal


solar thermal







Why are Vereco Homes so comfortable?

Vereco homes are more comfortable by design. Our homes are cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Our airtight construction ensures that there are no unwanted drafts. The added insulation and careful placement of the windows result in a quieter home. We use natural lighting supplemented by LED systems to provide the highest quality lighting. Vereco’s passive solar design restricts the harsh summer sun but enables the sun to light your home in the winter months. We achieve high indoor air quality with a combination of passive and active systems.

We want to build a smart green home. Where to we start?
Vereco has developed a 6 step preliminary design process:
Floor plans
3D modelling
Detailed specifications
Energy modelling
How much is Vereco’s preliminary design service?

$500 plus GST

How much will a Vereco home cost to build?

The cost of a home is determined by size, technology and finish. A Vereco home is typically smaller than average, high on technology and average to high on finish. Although a Vereco home can cost less than a standard home, a typical Vereco home is 5-10% higher cost than a standard home. By design the energy savings will exceed the additional cost.

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